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International Conference “Engineering & equipment of railways”, October 25

International Conference “Engineering & equipment of railways”  to be held on October 25 at Chamber Plaza, the exhibition centre of UCCI (Kyiv, Velyka Zhytomyrska St. 33) within the framework of the specialized exhibition Rail Expo 2017

The forum is hosted by the Information Service

Circles around ideas, concepts and new approaches to infrastructure development and management of railway assets. It will discover ways to enhance efficiency of available technologies and tell about development and introduction of innovations – digitization and automation of processes on the railways. 


 Boosting the speed on railways – dreams and reality:

  • What prevents Ukrainian railways from increasing a speed? Structure of the track in curves. Should the curves be straightened? Experience of maintenance of track sections while launching Hyundai trains.
  • Global experience and optimal model of main railway line (MRL) for Ukraine.
  • Priority guidelines to introduce high-speed traffic – assessment of passenger traffic and ways of competing with other means of transport
  • Rolling stock – types of traction and the need to change the locomotive.
  • Estimate of costs of infrastructure updates
  • Expected economic and social impact.

Choosing directions of switching the Ukrainian Railways: East-West, 1520 or 1435? Ukraine’s integration into the European transport network:

  • Railways development in the western region: will euro-track be running to Lviv?
  • Opportunity to join the border high-speed network, Trans-European high-speed rail network
  • Applicable methods of changing the width of the track

Rail divorce: is it possible to separate freight and passenger flows?

  • Challenges to the use of a track for both freight and passenger transportation: limit speeds on the straight and curved sections, barrier to freight trains access to the track
  • Routes and equipment of a railway line for freight and passenger transportation.

  Traffic safety and infrastructure upgrades – technological solutions for increased speed:

  • The alterations that should be done in automation and signaling devices to boost speeds
  • Which track sections require immediate electrification?
  • Is it expedient to implement continuous gauges? 100-meter rails, technology of assembly of a “velvet” track.
  • Steel and alloys as materials that increase the service life of gauge elements.

 SPECIAL TOPIC:  Specialized track equipment update

  • motor-rail cars, locomotives, trolleys
  • automotive diagnostic laboratories
  • other construction and repair machine complexes

 Digital revolution on railways: the way the digitalization may affect the freight traffic

  • Real-time monitoring of cargo flows: electronic interaction of cargo owners with transport and logistics companies.
  • Application of automation methods at sorting stations: “locomotive without a drive” and remote control of processes.
  • Signaling and communication of a new generation, GPS monitoring systems, flowmeter.
  • Proposals of integration companies, experience of introduction of up-to-date devices and automation systems.

* – Work program still can be supplemented

 Business program, conference paper, sponsorship, information support

Natalya Krut

Deputy head manager of

l./fax: +38 056 370 18 32 ext. 259
mob.: +38 (066) 419 98 91, +38 (068) 410 11 03


Business program, conference paper, participation

Halyna Skvortsova

Manager of the project “Railways Ukraine”

l./fax: +38 056 370 18 32 ext. 245
mob.: +38 (097) 963 28 71, + 38 (066) 222 66 48