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International Conference “Car Building & Rolling Stock Repair in Ukraine”, October 24

International Conference “Car Building & Rolling Stock Repair in Ukraine” to be held on October 24 at Chamber Plaza, the exhibition centre of UCCI (Kyiv, Velyka Zhytomyrska St. 33) within the framework of the specialized exhibition Rail Expo 2017

he forum is hosted by the Information Service

 Aimed at deepening partnership in railcar building industry and rail deliveries, improving quality and efficiency of services, as well as at developing the supply chain. In addition, we will will be talking about up-to-date approach to procurement and will discuss how to eliminate barriers to innovation.

Date: 24.10.2017
Venue: Exhibition Center Chamber Plaza Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Kyiv, Velyka Zhytomyrska Str., 33

Contacts: + 38 (056) 370 18 32, e-mail:


 Double bottomed order portfolio: Why did car fleet renewal campaign fail to spur the rail car building in Ukraine? Does the country need innovative wagons?

  • home demand, potential of Ukraine’s rail car building industry
  • maximum application of overall dimensions in wagon design
  • investment in innovation
  • warranty and post-warranty service of innovative wagons
  • fair pricing

Pay less – earn more! Priorities of public procurement: either low prices or life cycle expenses.

  • rules of fair business and a modern approach to procurement
  • price and quality – which criterion is more important
  • “unsportsmanlike” behavior of players, how to avoid it

 New wagons VS restored ones: economic feasibility and operational efficiency of the restored car fleet in comparison with the new rolling stock. Wagons from the Customs Union secondary market: renting/buying and extending their service life.

  • analysis of costs of extending the service life – flaw detection, major repairs, certification
  • opportunities for modernization
  • comparative analysis of operating costs – run between overhauls, repairs and spare parts

 What will drive the locomotive building in Ukraine – strategic alliances or own searches?

  • prospects for setting up assembly plants in cooperation with world leaders
  • establishment of a national industry

 SPECIAL TOPIC: Equipment, materials and supplies for railcar building plants and locomotive works

  • automatic coloring
  • innovative wear and tear, corrosion resistant coatings
  • composite materials used in production of railcar parts

 Overcoming a monopoly over repair services. What is restraining arrival of private capital in this business?

  • will private repair companies be able to find market niche?
  • when competition of prices, quality and service delivery speed should be expected
  • certification rules of rail car repair enterprises – how to stimulate competition
  • case for creating your own rail car repair company

 Rolling stock health supervision – the way the rules are going to change

  • nondestructive testing: methods of implementation, standards and instructions a train must obey before the first exit on public railways and after depot repairs
  • systems providing non-uncoupling detection of bogie elements, body geometry control, monitoring of temperature of axle boxes, etc.

 CUR-2 (current uncoupled repair). Operator’s phantom pain: has a wagon been really repaired?

  • obtrusive service of uncoupled repair
  • responsibilities of parties
  • how much infrastructure affects technical state of a wagon
  • implementation of remote monitoring of state of a wagon
  • service network in Ukraine
  • cost of CUR-2, namely mileage to/from the depot, repairs and spare parts, wagon downtime and penalties, as an additional component of a rent rate

 Scatter, Leak, Drying, Spillage: how to protect the cargo on the railway and preserve its quality and volume?

  • cargo security: theft – who is to blame and what to do
  • methods of cargo security on the railway
  • grain traders’ requests for rolling stock redesigning, sealing, etc.

 To hear everyone: How to break the vicious circle and find a compromise among market participants’ interests?

  • who and how should represent market participants’ interests
  • professional lobbyist – pros and cons
  • dialogue on an equal footing to the authorities – is it possible?

* – Work program still can be supplemented

 Business program, conference paper, sponsorship, information support

Natalya Krut

Deputy head manager of

l./fax: +38 056 370 18 32 ext. 259
mob.: +38 (066) 419 98 91, +38 (068) 410 11 03

Business program, conference paper, participation

Halyna Skvortsova

Manager of the project “Railways Ukraine”

l./fax: +38 056 370 18 32 ext. 245
mob.: +38 (097) 963 28 71, + 38 (066) 222 66 48