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Invitation to the GO GLOBAL UA Conference, March 1

What challenges does Ukrainian business face when entering foreign markets? What mistakes do Ukrainian entrepreneurs make and how can they be prevented? How to make a breakthrough abroad?

We invite you to learn firsthand the stories of Ukrainian entrepreneurs entering foreign markets on March 1 at the GO GLOBAL UA online case conference. The event is organized by IdeasFirst, the general sponsor is Accord Group, and the media partner is Zrzeszenie Ukrainskiego Biznesu w Polsce.

Presentations will be made in Ukrainian.

You will hear 15 stories of achievements, challenges, and mistakes of Ukrainian companies in global markets. You will learn how Ukrainian businesses are adapting to the markets of Poland, Romania, the United States, Mexico, the United Kingdom, the Czech Republic, Slovenia, MENA countries, etc.

Speakers of the event include Yaroslav Romanchuk, attorney at law, and managing partner of the EUCON legal group, Inna Yarova, co-founder of the dobro&dobro cafe chain, Vadym Melnyk, entrepreneur-innovator, founder and CEO of Dronehub, Andriy Mitchenko, CEO and co-owner of Ecosoft, a company that produces and sells water filters; Dmytro Borysov, founder of Gastrofamily – Dmytro Borysov’s family of restaurants; Pavlo Daniman, marketing director of Nova Poshta; Yaroslav Prygara, co-founder of Remo. club, Natalia Yaromenko, founder and CEO of Beauty Tech Corp, owner of the LAMEL MAKEUP and LN Pro brands, Yulia Knyazyk, marketing director of the Lviv Croissants franchise bakery chain, and others.

Tickets for the online event are available here: