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III International Government Relations Forum October 11, 2017

The International GR Forum is a networking conference providing insight on shared value initiatives for governments, businesses and multilateral organizations wishing to network and engage with stakeholders and influencers in Europe.

Simply put, it is an essential platform that enhances knowledge and provides sound solutions to important decisions of policy to any organization that is subject to government regulations.

Civilized lobbying can influence the law and promote interests of leading organizations across the private, public and social sectors. It requires two things: knowledge of the given system of government and contacts.

Fortunately, the developing partners of the GR Forum have both, as well as experience in strategic planning, corporate communications, and lobbying of complex inter-disciplinary projects.

The International GR-forum is a special place where the topics are discussed related to modern business tendencies, the interaction of business and authority and lobbying the interests for both the native and international markets.

The mission of GR Forum is to connect global organizations and their stakeholders to shape public policy and legislation that helps leaders to promote and protect their interests in Central Europe’s emerging market.

The GR Forum provides access for the development of public policies and enables leaders to network. SIC Group, as a co-organizer of the GR Forum, maintains a core network of business leaders, NGOs, public and corporate affairs professionals across North America, Europe, and Asia.

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