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4 April – Ukrainian Machine-Building and Engineering Forum – 2018

Ukrainian Machine-Building and Engineering Forum – 2018

4 April

Premier Palace Kharkiv

Developing an internationally competitive industry through innovation and modernisation
With the official support of Kharkiv City Council
The machine-building sector contributes significantly to Ukraine’s economy, accounting for roughly 10% of GDP. It produces machinery and equipment for virtually all types of industrial activity, including: mining equipment, power and turbines, shipbuilding, automotive, agricultural machinery, oil & gas equipment, aviation, rail transportation, defence, heavy vehicles, construction machinery and cranes. The government recognises the importance of the sector as a major employer, exporter and centre for innovation and has stressed its commitment to creating a business environment which will stimulate investment in the modernisation of the machine-building industry.
The Ukrainian Machine-Building and Engineering Forum organized by the Strategy Council (
will provide you with a unique platform to hear from and meet with all the key stakeholders in the industry, including:

  • Senior national and regional government officials who will outline coordinated strategies to support and stimulate investment in the sector
  • Top executives from Ukraine’s leading machine-building groups, representing all the industry subsectors, who will outline their development strategies and investment programmes
  • Regional and Country Heads of major multinational industrial concerns will discuss the outlook for
    setting up local production and what is required to make this a reality

They will use this strategic forum to discuss such crucial issues as:

  • Where Ukraine stands in an increasingly globalised market and what are the opportunities and challenges. Identifying and winning market share in key export markets
  • Industry 4.0: the impact of digitalisation and digital transformation on the machine-building industry
  • Raising operational efficiency – implementing best practices and lean management systems and processes
  • Identifying domestic and international sources of raising finance for investment in new technologies and modernisation
  • Investing in Research & Development facilities and creating local centres of excellence and competencies
  • Creating the right business environment for a competitive manufacturing base: adequate legislation, skilled workforce, innovation, access to financing, efficient supply chains and infrastructure
  • The outlook for joint ventures between national champions and global players

The speakers panel will include:

  • Artur Kheruvymov, Deputy General Director, Strategy & Development, Ukroboronprom
  • Ruslan Korzh, Chief Executive Officer, UPROMEX
  • Oleg Protsenko, Chief Executive Officer, ATON GROUP
  • Vitalii Trubarov, Acting Chairman, State Property Fund of Ukraine
  • Olena Salikhova, Secretary, National Committee for Industrial Development of Ukraine
  • Andriy Koval, General Director, Kharkiv Tractor Plant
  • Viktor Popov, Chairman of the Board, PSC “FED”
  • Volodymyr Prikhodko, Chairman of Supervisory Board, Kryukovsky Railway Car Building Works
  • Oleksandr Kryvokon, President, Antonov
  • Maciej Zielinski, Chief Executive Officer, Siemens Ukraine
  • Anatoliy Girshfeld, Honorary President, UPEC Industrial Group / Member, Committee for Industrial Policy & Entrepreneurship, Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine
  • Mykhailo Titarchuk, Deputy Minister of Economic Development & Trade of Ukraine
  • Oleksandr Pashchenko, General Director, SE “FED”
  • Vasyl Fedin, General Director, Smart Maritime Group
  • Inessa Kerdivara, Deputy General Director, Tatra-Yug
  • Andrew Zagorodnyuk, Chief Executive Officer, Discovery Drilling Equipment
  • Igor Gumennyy, President, UBC Group

Registration and detailed programme

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