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    Welcome to the III AGRO EXPORT FORUM, which will be held on February 22, 2018 at the Hotel «Opera». Czytaj więcej

  • February 7, 2018 IV LEGAL BANKING FORUM and the Awards Ceremony „Banks of 2018”


    Despite the fact that the banking system continuously operates under difficult economic conditions, there are still some shifts towards stabilization of the financial sector. How do banks get out of the crisis? What new models are chosen in banking activities? What difficulties do they face? These and other issues will be discussed at the IV LEGAL BANKING FORUM, which will be held on February 7, 2018. Czytaj więcej


    17 listopada 2017 r., odbędzie się II Kongres Polskiej Ligi Ukraińskich Studentów - największe spotkanie ukraińskich studentów, studiujących na uniwersytetach i uczelniach Rzeczypospolitej Polskiej.

    W 2016 roku, ukraińscy studentci w Polsce zainicjowali nową tradycję – organizowania integracyjnych spotkań ukraińskich studentów polskich uczelni, co roku - w Międzynarodowy Dzień Studenta (17 listopada), przy wsparciu Zrzeszenia Ukraińskiego Biznesu w Polsce. Czytaj więcej

  • 1.11.2017 – II Legal Energy Forum
    1.11.2017 – II Legal Energy Forum The capacities of green energy in Ukraine increased 3.7 times during 9 months of this year compared to 2016, and 83% of new capacities are produced by solar power plants - was announced by Dmitry Vovk, chairman of the National Energy and Utilities Regulation Commission. How to achieve green light for green ...
  • Yuridicheskaya  Practika Publishing invites you to take part in the V Annual In-House Counsel Forum
    25.10.2017 - V Annual In-House Counsel Forum. Awarding Ceremony  “50 Best Legal Departments of Ukraine” Yuridicheskaya  Practika Publishing is honored to invite you to take part in the V Annual In-House Counsel Forum  - a specialized event, focused on corporate lawyers. The topics for discussion: management of legal departments and work of  ...
  • II Annual Conference of Agrarian Lawyers
    On October 20, 2017, Information Company ProAgro will host the II Annual Conference of Agrarian Lawyers. In the conditions of constantly changing legal system, increasing fiscal pressure on business, unclear prospects for the land market, rampant raidership and financial problems, the role of lawyers in agribusiness has significantly increased. ...
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